LETTER: But and but, but please no more butts


As a child I hated to clean up my room or make my bed every day but my parents had other ideas.

I hated doing dishes three times a week and doing homework but I had to, no buts.

I learned that if I listened to their buts it was better for my butt and if I did as they prompted, all kinds of good things happened, like treats, money for shows and even a hug, kiss or “good boy” once in a while.

With responsibility came privilege and freedom and fewer buts.

So here’s my but.  The other day while walking downtown across from the Scout Hall, in a nicely tended flower garden about waist high there they were – two white and yellow stained stalks freshly planted, waiting to be admired or removed by the homeowner.

Then I saw the rest of them everywhere in the city; plant beds, along the edge of the road, in front of the stores and the post office, everywhere I tell you!

Look and you will see butts, butts and butts everywhere.

Haven’t we noticed our government making more and more rules and turning our country more and more into a police state to enforce them?

Why even nature itself and the One that governs her cry out, but enough is enough.  Some of the consequences aren’t fun.

Isn’t it time to stop the buts and butts?

Freedom is not the freedom to do whatever you like, dear fellow citizen, it is the freedom to do what is right – abuse it and lose it.

Our rights stop when they infringe on the rights of others.

It is no accident that smoking is prohibited in public places and costs an arm and a leg.

So smoking citizens, if you don’t want to see 10 to 20 cents per cigarette filter recycle fee added to your smoking costs then please, please no more buts and pick up your butts (put them in an Altoid tin until you can dispose of them). Thank you.

Grady Markland, Grand Forks