Letter: Bullies are the real wimps


There was a Scottish WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) that brought the ugly part of his culture to Canada, as many immigrants do.

With his redundant, rule-oriented life, he brought little joy to anyone in his family.

Presbyterian dogma was there but living with tolerance, acceptance, kindness and empathy was ignored.

Intimidating his wife, bullying his children and teasing the pets was his forte. Constantly ensuring a minimum of laughter, fun, caring was his mantra. After 47 years of marriage, Mom buried him. We had a celebration of his death in the Legion social room. We laughed, had fun and looked forward to a future without him.

I explained to the colour party that the laughter and joy was in stark contrast to the emotionless silence of the funeral because we had buried a family bully. Sour looks, miserable attitudes, dour character, years of negativity equaled no tears.

If you have a grandfather, uncle, brother or son who is a bully, for mom’s sake face him down. All he really is, is a weak fool. He will never reach manhood, and will die a lonely old male.

In the big world, he was a wimp, at home a bully. If you find yourself at a similar funeral don’t feel guilty.It will be the bully’s reality that no one cares and no tears are shed. Wear pink with pride on Feb. 23.

Mack Mackay,Grand Fork