LETTER: Boundary Peace Initiative issues ceasefire challenge to Boundary

After hosting a Hiroshima commemoration, the Boundary Peace Initiative challenges the area to a ceasefire.


It’s fall and life gets back to “normal,” so to speak.  It’s time to put our gardens to bed and for youth to resume school.  But for many, normal is far from what the privileged consider normal.

Many have no shelter or food while they live with the threat of death from foreign military invasions and others flee from civil war.

Let’s realize we are the minority when we focus on buying the newest school supplies or funky gadgets. And then we must look at what we can do in solidarity, with our global family to stop the wars, violence, poverty and social injustice and the destruction of our environment financial gain or power.

In the Boundary, many do what they can to stop this escalating madness.

This drive to destruction will end when we demand an end to our complicity in the military industrial complex whose only measuring stick has dollar signs on it.

On Aug. 11, the Boundary Peace Initiative hosted Hiroshima/Nagasaki Day commemoration. Speakers and entertainers shared their insights, songs and dance.  Volunteers donated time to set up, oversee the auction and a young man donated equipment to ensure all were heard.

Business and individuals were generous with donations as were bidders.  We saw an increase in participants who found it important to add their voice in the call to end the nuclear industry and for peace to become the norm.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  We look forward to seeing you at Sept. 21’s International Day of Peace at the Slavonic Seniors Center at 7 p.m. for a film and discussion – admission by donation.

We also challenge the Boundary to participate in a “ceasefire” to resolve grievances through respectful dialogue and act with love.  Is this possible?  Of course it is!

If we do this for one day, then we can do it every day!  Let us know what and how it went, then we will share the results.  But we will need your input.  Contact Laura to share your results at:  250-442-0434 or email l4peace@telus.net.

Laura Savinkoff, Grand Forks