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Letter: Artistic crosswalks downtown


Re: Pedestrians and investment key to downtown revitalization (Mar. 2 issue of the Grand Forks Gazette)

I read with great interest the discussions on economic development and revitalization of Grand Forks downtown.

Heritage seems to be the theme for just about every community across the country. How about instead, something so completely new and different? Something that involves the community, visitors and speaks of today and tomorrow. Something that would attract people to stop and visit for a while, and leave their imprint in the community.

Here I speak of community art and artistic crosswalks throughout the downtown region. The first would be from Gyro Park to tourist information and Gallery 2 and Museum.

Then each week, a different crosswalk. Encourage residents and visitors alike to come and make their mark, from a handprint by a two-year-old, to a masterpiece from a senior and a creation from a teenager – anything that life means to them. Themes can be about life, technology, sports, arts, dance, music, environment, agriculture, even tubing down the river; about life today and dreams of the future.

The city and businesses would provide a staff supervisor and paint and brushes and the community and visitors provide the creation and therefore attraction.

I can see it now – Grand Forks, a downtown with a difference, where crosswalks are alive, evolving works of art. Ever-changing and ever-new. It would certainly slow down the automobile traffic and encourage pedestrians and give them something to do – not just to look at, but to add to.

Come on folks, expand your vision and look to the future.

Rosemary Phillips, Christina Lake