JUNE 26 LETTER: Truly a happy Father’s Day for Grand Forks resident

On Father’s Day, I awoke early and watched through the window.


On Father’s Day, I awoke early and watched through the window.

With deep gratitude the sun spread its warmth into our valley. It wasn’t here yet but it was coming with the promise of a glorious day. My heart filled with gratitude for so many things I was grateful for and this Father’s Day, I wanted to bless my husband Valentine Parfiniuk, who has so many obstacles for his health to overcome in his late years.

On his 80th birthday, he had a mini-stroke that caused his health to go downhill and then dementia set in.

Then on the coldest day in February two years ago, he fell on the ice and broke his hip.

After surgery, he though he would never walk again.

In his 80s, it was a hard situation to face but the hospital staff, and we, the family, never gave up on him and the ambulance attendants carried him into the house when we brought him home.

It took a while, but he started to walk only to fall on the garden tiller blade not much later and he landed in the hospital again with a deep cut on his leg. In his health struggles, he and we didn’t give up hope and today, with great gratitude, we thank the universe’s maker for all of our gifts.

Valentine walks all through the yard by himself, and we bless him for his achievement of carving, remarkable, beautiful walking sticks or canes.

We the family bless him to climb up with God’s healing and we thank and bless all who helped him on his journey of precious life.

He is 82 years old.

Blessing all of the caring people,

Nell Parfiniuk, Grand Forks