JULY 3 LETTER: Please do move the recycle bins in Grand Forks

We live in the condo on Riverside close to the recycle "centre" on 72nd Avenue.


Re: City has no immediate plans to move recycle bins (story, June 26 issue)

Our home is in the condo building on Riverside Drive, close to the recycle “centre” on 72nd Avenue. When we moved in, it occurred to us to be a bit concerned about the traffic and mess at the recycle site.

However, the biggest problem that we experienced was all the activity that happens around the place at night.

Many people pick through the bins, taking anything that is refundable or not. Much of the time, glass bottles are disposed of by smashing them in the bins, which is really disturbing at 1:30 a.m.

I’m sure that most folks in Grand Forks have no idea how many people roam this town at night, looking to supplement their income with anything they can find and carry off.

Please consider this our vote to remove the mess from its current site and give our neighbourhood a break. It’s always easier to say hurray to something when it’s not in your backyard.

Luke and Catherine Compton, Grand Forks