Holtz: Ford needs to be applauded not vilified

You have to love Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. What a guy! Here is a man who relishes adversity. A simple man with a simple message.

You have to love Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. What a guy! Here is a man who relishes adversity. A simple man with a simple message: Less government, lower taxes.Is he overweight and usually dishevelled? Yes. Does he care? No. Appearances mean nothing to him. He is the perfect example of Everyman. Are we not in fact all a little dishevelled and overweight? Does he have substance abuse problems? Who knows? His brother says no and who would know better than his own brother? Has he shown up under the influence of intoxicating substances at public affairs? Apparently, but haven’t we all been drunk in public and made fools of ourselves on certain occasions?Pictures have appeared showing the good mayor in the presence of alleged criminals and drug dealers, pictures in which he appears happy, even celebratory. But who hasn’t been caught in the embrace of cocaine dealers by some weasely photographer out to persecute us? Aren’t we all just folks? Shouldn’t we all be allowed to have fun with friends of our choosing?Mayor Ford has been filmed shouting at reporters, screaming and threatening them. He even told Marg Delahunty (comedienne Mary Walsh), Princess Warrior, on This Hour Has 22 Minutes that he was calling 911 if she didn’t quit asking questions and leave him alone. But who hasn’t used Emergency Response to rid ourselves of pesky, predatory paparazzi? Using police, firemen and first responders to harass them is fitting retribution for the incessant infringement of our privacy that they inflict on us. Rob Ford has vowed never to resign but to continue to serve the city as he was elected to do, collecting his pay check and delivering to the citizens of Toronto the kind of government they deserve, a government concerned solely with delivering bang for the buck, value for the dollar, accountability for every dime. For this he should be applauded not vilified. For too long we have been overly concerned with those things that have nothing to do with our tax dollars: morality, honour, respect, legality. Ford, if he continues to serve and, better yet, is re-elected, will no doubt ensure that those concerns never trouble anyone at city hall again. Who could possibly disagree with that?