Forgetting the most important thing about a phone

My new smartphone has a lot of bells and whistles but I forgot one of the most

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to get a new mobile phone, as my old one would not accept or send out email anymore.

I went to the appropriate dealer during a recent trip to Vancouver and the representative suggested I call a number to see if I could get the remaining year on my contract waived.

It was likely a hardware problem and seeing as my phone was past warranty, would cost just as much as paying out the contract.

I’ll spare the story of how the customer service rep I talked to wanted to remedy my situation by offering me more minutes, as opposed to repairing my phone or waiving the remaining year. I don’t see how more minutes equates to the ability to receive email though.

Regardless, I have a new phone, complete with all the modern applications, although technological snobs might thumb their noses at what they might view as antiquated features. After all, my new phone might not be considered top of the line by some.

My new cellphone is completely touch-screen – no buttons to push – and as a result has a bigger screen. It has more memory and can play movies in HD. It has a camera at its front and its back and can record video as well, although so could my old phone.

It has all the social media applications, including Twitter and Facebook, allowing me to tweet and post pictures and breaking news to the Grand Forks Gazette’s Facebook page and Twitter feed, which allows for better dissemination of information, at least for those who are wired up to social media. It has a more advanced calendar and allows me to save events more efficiently.

It has a compass and maps and can allow me to download more applications, for a fee of course.

And all this is in a sleek, shiny new, light, little package – I also purchased a belt holster for it too.

It also allows me one-touch access so that I can call all my contacts …  Darn! I forgot to transfer all my numbers over to my new phone and now there’s no way to recover them!

Does anyone know the number to 9-1-1?