Be patient and don’t text while driving

Don't text on your phone and drive at the same time

Much has been written about modern day technology.

It used to be that computers had dot matrix printers attached to them and didn’t have USB ports – printing was done on computer paper (not standard 8.5 X 11 paper) and the dot matrix printers made a lot of noise.

Tweet was a sound that emanated from the beak of a bird, face and book were two completely separate words and if the two were put together, it would only mean that there was a book about faces.

Also, if you wanted to get a hold of someone, you would have to call their pager, the pager would go off and display your number and then the person would either go to a pay phone or telephone to call you back.

These days, you can email, text message, take pictures and even shoot video all on a single device – a smartphone.

I’ll admit, I use my phone for more than just calling.

I’ll do all the aforementioned things and even post the occasional picture to any of my social networking accounts.

Rather than writing out a grocery list, I’ll merely make a memo on my phone – it saves paper and thus the environment or so I’m told.

I’ll admit to texting while I’m taking a stroll but never when I’m driving – you don’t need to be texting 24/7 after all.

There was a recent Mountain FM report that said that the ban of cellular phones has “effectively saved 16 lives” but at the same time, incidences of texting while driving was up and it accounted for a majority of traffic tickets in relation to hand-held devices.

Texting while behind the wheel will set violators back $167 and people should know better than to do both.

It’s all about discipline and training yourself to be patient. What should you do if your phone signals a text message or a call while you are driving?

Pull over, or if it’s unsafe to do so, look for a place, like a parking lot, and then pull in and check your phone – it might seem like a lot of time but in the grand scheme of things, it’s not.

Besides, for me, $167 is what I need for the data charges I rack up on my phone bill for all the texting, messages and photos I upload to Twitter and similar sites.