AUG. 7 LETTER: German tourist thankful for help from Lakers and Grand Forkers

A German tourist passing through the Boundary thought he lost his cellphone.


My family and I are from Frankfurt, Germany and were travelling through B.C. and Alberta. On July 12, we were at Christina Lake’s Cascade Cove RV Park. We decided to go back to Grand Forks, get information of the area and buy some food and beverages.

But getting out of the car, my cellphone slipped out of my pockets and I didn’t realize it. After we returned to the RV park, I realized that my phone was gone. The first idea was to call it with another cellphone – nobody answered.  We searched the truck several times, but we didn’t find it. I thought I had forgotten the phone in the RV park office so I looked for the manager Karen. I told her the story. We searched the office, but no result. Karen asked me where we went in Grand Forks and she phoned the places. None of the places had found a cellphone and the tourist information had the answering machine on.

I drove back to Grand Forks, looking for the phone. When we arrived at the tourist info, the lady just finished her work and was on the way to her car. When she saw me she already knew I was the guy missing a cellphone. We started searching the tourist info building but didn’t find it, so we returned to the RV park.

My son called my lost phone and a man answered and said he did find my phone – I talked to the man. I didn’t understand him too well because my English is not perfect. By chance Karen came along and she talked to the man. She found out the man on the line was Larry and she knows him well.

Karen arranged a meeting point and I drove back to Grand Forks a third time to meet Larry. As a thank you I wanted to give Larry money but he refused and told me I should drink a cold beer instead. Thanks to all concerned people. I will keep Grand Forks and Christina Lake in good memories.

Frank Schroeck, Germany