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Wildfire update - Monday 10am - Evacuation Alert lifted; light rain helps firefighting efforts

A report on local wildfires gathered from and InciWeb.

Wildfire update, Monday 10am


Evacuation Alert lifted for Grand Forks and Christina Lake


Stickpin fire:

21,638 hectares (Ha), 20% contained, 5km south of border

Strong winds and some light rain hit the complex on Saturday. Rain fell Sunday morning, wetting the fire area. This wet pattern should continue over the next few days providing the opportunity for more direct action on the edges of the fires.


There have been no injuries and no homes lost.


Support teams from the Washington National Guard are assisting fire managers to

ensure safety of the public and firefighters on the Kettle Complex.


Firefighters from British Columbia are integrated into the incident. They have identified the best control points and have constructed direct and indirect fireline around the northern end of the Stickpin Fire. The 2003 Togo Fire area, with greener and newer growth, has slowed or stopped the fire's northern progression. Crews are working to construct line to keep the fire from progressing toward Grand Forks and Christina Lake, British Columbia.


Fixed wing airtankers will only be used if there are

achievable objectives to support ground crews.

Crews have been making great progress towards constructing guard and tying into

existing roadways.


For information about fires in the U.S, please visit:


In the event that the BC Wildfire Service provides air support to this fire, it is likely that Christina Lake would be used as a water source for amphibious skimmer aircraft. Boaters can help with suppression efforts by immediately

proceeding to the nearest shore if they see a plane approaching the water.

Crews made good progress yesterday building fire guard.

Firefighters will continue to take advantage of cooler temperatures and precipitation

in order to continue with containment.

The Stickpin camp is now on the east side of the fire, near Orient.



Paulson Pass fire:

320 Ha, 90% contained, 15km NE of Christina Lake/west of Highway 3

Crews are continuing to mop-up on the western and north flanks.


Lynch Creek fire:

1,700 Ha, 15%, 25km north of Grand Forks

This fire has merged with the N50610 fire which was burning

in Gladstone Provincial Park increasing the amount of hectares.

Today, crews are continuing to work on containment of the south and west



This fire is currently not threatening any structures or communities, however smoke from this fire is visible to the residents in the North Fork region.


-A public access restriction is in effect immediately for the Gladstone Forest Service Road due to the high fire danger rating and adjacent wildfires. This restriction takes effect immediately and will remain in force until the public is otherwise notified.


Rock Creek fire:

4,417 Ha, 75% contained, West of Rock Creek

Winds 10-20kmh gusting up to 35kmh out of the southeast are expected for Sunday and Monday in the Rock Creek, Westbridge and Christian Valley areas. As there has been minimal rain to dampen the old fire ash residents are advised there may be flying ash, and weakened trees in the fire area may fall. As well debris from damaged or destroyed homes may become susceptible to the strong winds and move about. This area contains multiple potential hazards, including active wildfire, "danger trees" (trees whose root systems have been weakened by fire activity), heavy equipment use

and downed power lines.


Entering any restricted area can delay firefighting activities, contribute to the growth of the fire and possibly put more values and people at risk. Safe fire suppression efforts depend on the support and understanding of the public.


Public information billboards are in place at the entrance to the fire camp in

Midway, and at the Post Office in Rock Creek and at the Westbridge Hall.

Hunting season is approaching and as fire fighters are interspersed in the fire area we are urging hunters to stay out of the Rock Creek fire area. This area is outlined in the attached map. The fire area starts at Rock Creek, goes north to Westbridge, east to Nicholson Creek and west to Hulme Creek road and Ed James Lake.