UPDATED: Grand Forks area mechanic Jim Hartley cutting hair on Daffodil Day 2013

A local mechanic will shed his locks in honour of friends he lost to cancer and to help cancer survivors.

Local mechanic Jim Hartley will cut his hair

Local mechanic Jim Hartley will cut his hair

Editor’s note: Jim Hartley said the venue of the hair cut has changed from Pam’s Hair Design to the front of Yaky Jacquie’s Cafe.

A local mechanic has been growing his hair in honour of two friends he lost to cancer and will soon have it cut to benefit cancer survivors as well.

Jim Hartley of ProMobile Mechanics has been growing his hair for three years and will shed his locks on April 27, Daffodil Day, which the Canadian Cancer Society designated as a day people can show support for people living with cancer and those who have died from it.

“In April and August of 2009 I lost two very close friends (Barry Irwin and Al Hewson) and at that point, I decided to grow my hair for cancer,” Hartley explained. “It’s been three years and it’s time for it to come off. Someone who’s battling cancer can have a wig with what I’ve grown.”

While the hair growth is for a good cause, Hartley admits having long hair has been a bit of a hindrance, especially given his line of work.

“As a mechanic it’s quite a pain because you’re dealing with grease and oil all the time and your hair is always full of grease and oil. You have to be careful when leaning over stuff because you don’t want to get it caught in a fan belt but it’s time for it to go,” Hartley said. “I just want a change; I need to get this hair off and it’s starting to get to me – it’s too much work.”

While Hartley has had long hair for the past few years, he says he’s usually sported spiky hair.

“It’s been awhile and it’s time to do the deed,” Hartley went on to say.

People wanting to make a donation to the cancer research cause can pick up pledge forms at Yaky Jacquie’s Café.

Again, Hartley will be having his hair cut on April 27. The time will be determined later.