UPDATED: Daring dog rescue in Grand Forks on Saturday

A dog became stuck on a hill in the College Road area in Grand Forks and had to be rescued on Saturday.

A black dog was rescued from a hill in the College Road area over the weekend.

A black dog was rescued from a hill in the College Road area over the weekend.

Editor’s note: Updated from the print edition to correct Grand Forks Fire Rescue to Grand Forks Fire Rescue.

In the early morning hours of Saturday, March 3, Grand Forks RCMP, Boundary Animal Control and Grand Forks Fire Rescue and its rope rescue team were called out to assist a couple and their dog, who was stuck on a steep cliff.

At 1:08 a.m., RCMP were dispatched to assist two people who were stranded on a cliff just above the rail grade near the north end of York Road.

The couple attempted to climb the hill to rescue their dog but became stranded themselves on the hill because it was too steep and they were unable to climb back down.

From there, Grand Forks Fire Rescue assisted the couple to safety.

“The two constables climbed the hill in the early morning hours and located the two that were stranded. They directed them to a safe location to get off the hill,” explained Grand Forks RCMP’s Staff Sgt. Jim Harrison.

“Once the couple was safe, members attempted to get the dog down but the dog had gotten itself lodged in the cliff side. It couldn’t get down and wouldn’t go up, so the constables made the determination that it was too treacherous to continue to rescue the dog at that time.”

Later that day, the Grand Forks Fire Rescue rope rescue team managed to scale down, put a harness around the dog (Hasha) and repel down to the bottom.

Fire Chief Dale Heriot added, “We were able to locate the dog and execute the rescue.

Everybody is okay – the dog was checked out by one of the local veterinarians. It had (some) scrapes and bruises but otherwise it was good. (Hasha) was quite scared and quite happy when we got him down.”

“Nobody got hurt, so that’s the important part,” Harrison went on to say.