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Teenager tussles with huge trout from Trail rivershore

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Sunday dinner at the Iachetta house must have been extra tasty after Alexx Iachetta hauled in a six-pound rainbow trout from the Columbia River in Trail. The rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) is a species of trout native to cold-water tributaries in North America and the Pacific Ocean in Asia. Photo: Submitted

The Trail Times is always fishin’ for a good story.

So this news tip about the one that almost got away, shared by proud mom Celina Iachetta, is certainly worth sharing with readers, many being seasoned fisherpersons in their own right.

The big catch for Sunday night dinner happened a few days ago when Celina’s daughter, Alexx Iachetta, landed a huge six pound, 23” long rainbow trout from the shore of the Columbia River in Trail.

“This is the biggest fish she has caught to date,” Celina says. “I couldn’t believe it when she brought the fish home!”

In fact, the scaly-vertebrate was such a fighter that Alexx’s reel snapped under the tension, leaving the determined teenager no choice but to jump into the water and haul her catch to shore by hand.

Photo: Submitted
Photo: Submitted

Alexx recounts the heart-pounding adventure that led to her trout-catching triumph.

“My boyfriend, Aiden and I were fishing, and he had just caught his own fish and was gutting it, and my bell goes off in my rod holder,” she begins.

“The next thing I know my rod goes flying into the river!”

Without thinking, she jumped in fully clothed, socks and all, and before she knew it, Alexx was up to her chest in water trying to get her rod back.

“I get my rod, and start backing up on shore when the handle to my reel snaps right off,” she continues. “So I am now reeling this fish in by hand.”

She kept backing up, and managed to get it onto shore when Aiden ran over, as they had no fishing net, yelling “holy crap!”

“I’m screaming at him not to let it get away,” Alexx recalls.

She couldn’t believe how big the fish was when she finally laid eyes on it.

“I now realize that I am completely soaked but I am shaking with excitement and adrenaline,” she adds.

“I still cannot believe that I got this fish in, let alone my rod back, and I got it in literally by hand!”

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