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FLOOD WATCH: Sand and bags available in Grand Forks

RDKB Emergency Operations Centre is advising Boundary residents to prepare for possible flooding
Grand Forks locations for sand and bags. The RDKB is advising Boundary residents to prepare for the possibility of flooding.

With increasing temperatures and the possibility of heavy precipitation in the forecast later this week, waters are expected to rise.

The RDKB Emergency Operations Centre is advising Boundary residents to prepare for the possibility of flooding.

As of 12:30 pm Tuesday, The Ministry of Forests upgraded a highstream advisory to a flood watch for the Kettle and Granby rivers, and the southern regions of East Kootenay and West Kootenay.

Current models show that levels could be similar to those in 2018. Conditions can change throughout the week.

The RDKB continues to monitor the situation and will provide updates as necessary.

Grand Forks is preparing for the possibility of floods, but are still hoping the situation improves, said Mayor Everett Baker on Tuesday.

“We are watching daily, hourly now, what this weekend is going to look like,” said Baker. “There certainly is a potential for flooding. We got permission to start preparatory work.”

That work includes installing tiger dams along the river, as well as more sandbags along Riverside Drive.

Sand and/or bags are now available at the following locations:

Grand Forks & Area D:

• 18th St at Kettle River Drive (beside cemetery north of Dog Park)

• Grand Forks Arena (west side of building)

• Morrissey Creek Rd at ATV Staging Area

• Grand Forks Airport

• Barbara Ann Park off Riverside Drive

Christina Lake: Fire Hall

Rock Creek: Riverside Centre

Westbridge: Westbridge Community Hall

Greenwood: Public Works Yard

Midway: Public Works Yard

In the downtown, the city is enacting their flood mitigation plan, which was created after the devastating 2018 floods that left much of the city’s core underwater.

Officials are asking residents to stay clear of the fast-flowing waterways and potentially unstable river banks and creek banks. Baker explained water levels have already risen noticeably the past couple days and large debris, such as logs, are being swept downstream.

Everyone who knows their property is at risk is responsible for using the supplies provided to the best of their abilities to protect their homes, he added.

Looking forward, Baker said he could not say for sure if or when the threat will subside.

“It could be a couple days, or a couple weeks, it really depends on if we get any rain and how much, but we are prepared for this,” he said. “I was here for the 2018 floods and as a city we are doing the best we can to protect the city in case there is a flood.”

Check for updates and information on emergency preparedness.