Police invitate improvised explosive device

Police briefs of the past week include theft, and vehicle search.

Homemade bomb set off in the city

Grand Forks RCMP are investigating an improvised explosive device that was set off about 20 minutes before midnight last Saturday night.

RCMP Staff Sgt. Jim Harrison reported that police received a call regarding an explosion that occurred near the Black Train Bridge in Grand Forks. He said that when police arrived at the scene they could still smell the odour of gunpowder and pieces of a homemade bomb were found.

“Evidence at the scene suggested the device was placed inside a black cloth shopping bag,” he stated. “The device was made of a 1/16” steel plate and was wrapped in electrical tape.”

He said that when the device was detonated there were pedestrians on the nearby pathway. “There was a very large dent in the asphalt. This does pose a significant threat to public safety. The investigation is continuing to determine who is responsible; however, at this time the only information that we have is two individuals wearing hoodies and riding mountain bicycles were seen in possession of the black cloth shopping bag and were also seen riding away from the scene of the explosion.”

Anyone with information is requested to contact the RCMP or Crimestoppers.

While Harrison said this is the only incident that was reported to police, there have been at least three other occasions mentioned on a local social media site of what were thought to be explosions in the Grand Forks area as far back as late August.

Glove box searched

Harrison reported that on Wednesday, Oct.1 at about 4 p.m., police received a report of a break in to a 1998 Honda Civic parked on 13th St. in Grand Forks. While the glove box had been gone through, nothing was reported stolen.

Harrison said the vehicle owner thought the incident happened on overnight Sept. 29.

The vehicle was locked and it appears that suspects gained entry by prying the rubber seal around the window enough so they could jimmy the lock. There was no damage to the vehicle. “At this time there are no witnesses or suspects,” said Harrison, adding that police would appreciate anyone with information calling the local detachment at 250-442-8288 or Crimestoppers.

Change and a camera taken

A residential break-in on Bluff Street in Grand Forks was reported to RCMP on the afternoon of Sunday, Oct. 5. The resident told police that when he returned home he found the door pried open and a pickle jar full of change and Sony Cyber Shot camera missing. Harrison said no other items were taken and there was no other damage.

Police took photographs and examined the scene for fingerprints. “There is a person of interest and the investigation is continuing,” Harrison said.