Police briefs from July 16, 2014

Plenty of interesting briefs in the news including a drunk driver at the border from Oregon.



Nelson officer discovers MVA


On July 8 at 1:36 p.m., an IDENT (forensic identification) officer from the Nelson RCMP detachment was in Grand Forks and came across a single vehicle incident on Central Ave. on Seventh St.

“Apparently, a 2000 Buick LeSaber smashed against a tree,” said Staff Sgt. Jim Harrison. “Upon closer inspection, it appeared the vehicle was west-bound on Central Ave. and then crossed over the east-bound lane sheering a telephone pole, and then hitting the tree which was between the east lane and the sidewalk.”

Harrison said the driver, a 60-year-old female from Christina Lake, stated she did not feel well and was driving herself to the hospital. “She felt faint and then passed out at the wheel,” he added. “When she came to she realized she crashed.”

There were no injuries related to the crash. There were no other people in the vehicle.


Attempted theft


On July 9 at 2:45 p.m., there was an attempted theft at the downtown Home Hardware.

“The suspect cut the security tag from a drill combination kit valued at $271. He left the store with the kit in hand trying to avoid security cameras. Staff members caught up to him where he willingly handed back the drill kit.”

The suspect has been identified and will likely face charges, said Harrison.


Rifle stolen


On July 9 at 3:34 p.m., a complainant stated that he had just walked out of his garage and left his rifle in the case in the garage because he planned on cleaning it—and apparently “the rifle walked away,” said Harrison.

“The rifle was in a case with a scope and everything else,” he added. “Shortly afterwards, police, through investigation, recovered the custom-built rifle which was worth about $5,000 and it has been returned to the owner.”

The investigation is continuing. Police are aware of who stole the rifle.


Pressure washer stolen


On July 9 at 4:06 p.m., RCMP received a complaint about the theft of a Simonize gas-powered pressure washer, which was stolen from the front of the person’s garage within the last two hours.

“Police located the item and returned it,” said Harrison. “The suspect has been identified and will be facing charges.”

The suspect in both the rifle and the pressure washer thefts are the same person.


Alberta driver hits deer


On July 9 at 9:30 p.m. near Stewart Creek Road at Christina Lake, a driver of a 2012 Ford F350 pick-up from Alberta hit a deer.

“He hit a deer and lost control hitting a bunch of trees on the front, left and right side of the vehicle,” said Harrison. “The vehicle was not driveable. Police didn’t attend because he didn’t report it until the next day and the vehicle had already been removed.”


DUI at the border


On July 11 at 8:50 p.m. Grand Forks RCMP received a call from Canada Border Services Agency at the Carson crossing regarding a possible drunk driver.

“Our member attended,” said Harrison. “The person was given a roadside screening device demand. After several unsuccessful attempts he was charged with an immediate 90-day driving prohibition for failing to provide a proper breath sample.”

The person’s vehicle was also impounded for 30 days. The person is a 33-year-old resident of Portland, Ore.




On July 13 at 3:25 p.m. RCMP received a report of a break and enter at 73rd Ave.

“Although there were no signs of how entry was gained into the house, the complainant advised that jewelry and silver coins were stolen from the house,” said Harrison. “At this point there are no suspects or witnesses. Some of the more unique stolen items were a large gold chain with a cubic zirconia and a gold ring with a large onyx stone.”

Anyone with any information is urged to call Grand Forks RCMP at 250-442-8288.


Lake charges


The Grand Forks RCMP Cst. Chris Cottrill has been busy at Christina Lake doing vessel checks.

“Over the weekend, there were 19 different vessels receiving warnings and charges for everything from not having the proper equipment on board to not having their boater operator competency card with them,” said Harrison.

“Boaters are reminded that if you are going to be driving a boat you need a copy of your operator competency card with you. You also have to have your vessel registration as well as all the safety equipment required by the Canada shipping act small vessel.”



In all, there were 95 files for the week between Midway and Grand Forks.