Once again, Grand Forks RCMP advise people to lock cars, this after more thefts

Recent vehicle thefts, including one involving stolen insurance documents, has Grand Forks RCMP warning residents to lock cars.

A series of vehicle thefts has Grand Forks RCMP cautioning residents to lock their vehicles.

According to Cpl. Richard Lanz:

  • On Nov. 15 during the evening, three vehicles parked on Kettle River Drive were rummaged through. Stolen from the vehicles were a small amount of change, a couple of watches and a gold locket. All vehicles were unlocked at the time.
  • On Nov. 23, police received a report that a vehicle parked in a carport on Central Avenue was searched through. The owner reported that items stolen from the vehicle include a Canon digital camera, a GPS and CDs. The vehicle was not locked at the time but there was no damage to the vehicle.
  • On Nov. 24, around 10 p.m., there were two reports of theft from motor vehicles. The first report noted a wallet left inside the vehicle was stolen. The wallet was located still inside the vehicle. “Everything in the wallet was accounted for but ICBC documentation was stolen from the glove compartment, which contains the banking information for the vehicle’s monthly payments,” said Lanz.
  • A second report noted another vehicle was broken into sometime during the night on Nov. 23. At the time, the vehicle was parked on 18th Street. Stolen from this vehicle was a document for the vehicle insurance, which was located further down the street.

“For safety reasons, all vehicles should be locked even when parked in your residence,” warned Lanz. “Any information regarding a person’s banking information should never be kept in a vehicle.”