Wet, then dry, then wet: October in a nutshell. (Photo: John Boivin)

Wet, then dry, then wet: October in a nutshell. (Photo: John Boivin)

October weather summary a yawner

No records broken, weather fairly typical for the time of year

October’s weather was— well— October-y.

Local weather forecaster Ron Lakeman issued his summary of October weather this week.

Often the report highlights records broken and weather oddities. Not so much for last month.

The first eight days of the month saw some strong systems passing over the West Kootenay, producing a few showers and thunderstorms. We saw our first below-freezing temperatures (-0.4C) on Oct. 5.

After that, we enjoyed a nearly two-week spell of sunny weather, with cool foggy mornings, but daytime heating burning that off for sunny skies by the afternoon. The warmest temperature during the month was 17.9 degrees on the 12th.

As is typical of October, the last week or so saw a lot of rain— nearly three-quarters of the months’ precipitation fell in the last nine days of the month.

“The end result was a very near normal monthly rainfall and a near normal mean monthly temperature,” Lakeman reports. “No records were broken this month.”

Mind you, broken weather records are usually unpleasant to live through, so let’s hope for a boring November as well.