ICBC recently released data about car crash sites, with 39 crashes listed in Grand Forks last year.

Number of Grand Forks car crashes way up in 2021

Grand Forks saw a marked increase in car crashes in 2021 over previous years.

ICBC recently released data about car crash sites, with 39 crashes listed in Grand Forks last year. This was more than twice the number of crashes over any of the previous four years (12 in 2020, 17 in 2019, 11 in 2018, and 16 in 2017).

ICBC lists crashes that result in injuries or deaths as ‘casualties.’ Several intersections along Central Avenue reported one to two crashes involving casualties in 2021. Crashes along several intersections along Highway 3 were also in the “casualty” category, as well as the “property damage only” category.

There was no one intersection that stood out as particularly more crash-prone than others. Over the past five-year period, 12 crashes each were reported at the intersections at 2nd Street and Central Avenue, 4th Street and Central Avenue, Central Avenue and Highway 3 and North Fork Road.

11th Street and Central Avenue and Fire Lane, 3rd Street and Central Avenue, 5th Street and Central Avenue also saw 10-11 crashes each over that five-year period, 2017-2021.

In other communities in the area, ICBC data shows there were 16 car crashes in and around Midway from 2017-2021, 15 in and around Christina Lake, and 10 in and around Greenwood.

ICBC says that crash location information is self-reported and not always verifiable.

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