Midway mayoral candidates in the 2022 municipal election.

Midway mayoral candidates in the 2022 municipal election.

Midway Election 2022: Mayoral candidates call for support

General voting day in the upcoming civic election is Oct. 15, 2022.

We asked candidates to submit 300-word responses answering the question: Why residents should vote for you?

Here are their responses, in alphabetical order:

Doug McMynn

My name is Doug McMynn, I am a mayoral candidate for the Village of Midway. Midway has always been home, except for a short period when I left to attend UBC and Okanagan College to study business administration. I raised my family here and now have 3 grandchildren being raised here. After working in the logging industry for 10 years, I am now the general manager of my family’s businesses.

I have enjoyed volunteering in our area for many different causes, including fundraising for the jaws of life/rescue unit, the fire department, the spray park, Canada Day celebrations and the Kettle Valley Racing Association. I volunteered on the Canadian Ski Patrol for over 10 years and helped organize the Midway Car Show for over 20 years. When the BC Ambulance Service was at risk in Midway due to lack of members, I was able to help. I was honoured to receive the Volunteer Appreciation Award for my work on the acquisition and re-opening of the local mill, which brought hundreds of jobs and an industry back to our area.

My previous term as Mayor gave me the experience to understand government agencies, at all levels. I maintained good working relationships with Emergency Service providers (Fire Department, RCMP, BC Ambulance Service), recognizing their sacrifices and importance in keeping our Village as safe as possible.

My goal, if I am elected, is to work cohesively with the council and residents to make Midway a desirable community for people of all demographics to call home. Through accessible, transparent and honest communication I believe we as a council, can ensure our constituents, are aware of what challenges and decisions the council is facing and can be involved in the discussions of possible solutions. Our strength is found in working together.

Thanks for your consideration!

Doug McMynn - mayor

Martin Fromme

Community development, community service, and community collaboration are three strong planks in my platform for the next four years.

During the past four years, in spite of the hindrances of the pandemic, Mayor and Council have been able to make significant contributions to the development of Midway, especially through the investment of Community Forest dividends in the acquisition of public lands.

· Purchasing 6 acres of land along the Kettle River will enable the Village to extend the River Front Park for an expanded investment in economic development through tourism and recreational opportunities for residents.

· Through public ownership of these lands, a community consultation process can ensure that some of this land is used for affordable housing to meet community needs as identified by community members and managed by community representatives.

· Council has also required recreational lands along the Border that can be used all year round by children, youth and adults.

· With our partner in the Community Forest, Greenwood, an Education centre has been established at Wilgress Lake for the benefit of school age children and the community.

Some projects that will be addressed in the new term are the completion of the Official Community plan, application of the findings of the Age Friendly report, strengthening the local economy through tourism, and the completion of the Community Centre renovation project.

Although conflict of interest restricts a mayor for service in some community capacities, I enjoy supporting activities sponsored by volunteer organization such as the Community Club, the Community Garden, the Kettle River Museum, the volunteer Fire and Rescue department, and Parkview Manor. Organizations such as the Midway Seniors, the Library, and the Curling Club have my vote for grants in aid to support their service to Midway and beyond.

Building community with kindness and cooperation.

Martin Fromme - mayor

Richard Dunsdon – did not contribute

Colleen Kim Dolman – did not contribute

Darren Metcalf – did not contribute

Ken Morris – did not contribute

Aaron Kent Pownall – did not contribute

Judy Willsey – did not contribute

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