March 31 WEEKENDER – Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Spy movie review

Hello movie lovers of Grand Forks. I write a review of a release in which Gary Oldman was nominated for the 2012 Oscar for Best Actor.

Hello movie lovers of Grand Forks.  This time, I write a review of a current release in which protagonist Gary Oldman was nominated for the 2012 Oscar for Best Actor.

The movie in question is Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Spy, taken from the novel of the same name, written by John le Carre.  There is a stellar cast in this film: Colin Firth, John Hurt, Mark Strong to name but a few.

It is a tale of espionage and cloak-and-dagger activities that occur, while the British Secret Service tries to uncover a Soviet double agent they believe is in their midst. Oldman, an actor I have always admired, plays the part of George Smiley, a retired agent who is called back into duty to help look for this spy.

There are many flashbacks to happier times, depicting a little dalliance and much partying, all important to the plot.

Personally, I found this film quite confusing at times. One has to listen very carefully to all dialogue and there is much of that.  The opening takes place in Hungary and sets the scene for the whole movie – watch it carefully and then the rest will make sense.  After this incident in Hungary, John Hurt who is retired at this time, is called back to work to help find the mole so there is much roundtable discussion. Suspicion is rampant among the group and tension mounts.

It is a movie worth watching, if one likes spy stories and there are many fine actors to watch but do pay close attention to every word or like me, you may find it a trifle confusing.

This is the second time this book has hit the screen, with the late-Sir Alec Guinness playing the part of George Smiley in a 1979 version that was broadcast on TV on the BBC.

Along with Oldman, the 2011 version was nominated for Oscars for Best Original Score and Best Adapted Screenplay. Good movie watching people.

– Liz Martin is a movie reviewer for The Gazette and a movie lover, cello player and happy retiree.