March 17 WEEKENDER: Michael DVD review

The 1996 movie Michael, starring John Travolta, is a wonderful fantasy movie.

Hi movie lovers, last time I reviewed The Help, this time I would like to write about a wonderful fantasy movie called Michael.

It is a most unusual story about an archangel called Michael, superbly played by John Travolta.  This is a most unusual angel, a smoking, boozing, sugar-loving, slobby kind of character, who delivers such wisdom when needed.

The cast of this film is very good, not only Mr. Travolta, but Andie MacDowell, Bob Hoskins, William Hurt and last but not least, the late-Robert Pastorelli.

It is the story of three reporters sent to try and get a story from an old lady, who claims to have an angel in her home. Jean Stapleton plays this part and it is hard to recognize her, as she looks completely different.

Much to the surprise of these keen reporters, down the stairs comes this overweight, man, with wings sprouting from his back.

They are completely taken aback by his crass appearance and manners – not a bit like what their idea of an angel was – however after some persuasion, they manage to encourage Michael to come back to their office in Chicago and be seen by their boss (Hoskins).

The bulk of this film is about their journey by road back to their destination, Michael in tow and many laughs and surprises along the way.  I find all movies directed by Nora Ephron to be first class and this one is no different.

It was released in 1996 and certainly made a mint at the box office, with a reported total domestic gross of over $95 million.

I don’t know about you, good people of Grand Forks, but I love a fantasy movie, especially one with stalwart characters like Travolta in the lead role.

It is funny, sad, romantic at times and has a lovely ending.  I stood and applauded at the end.  It is indeed a feel-good movie with music by Randy Newman to enhance the wonderful dance scenes.  I think it is one not to be missed.

Liz Martin is a movie reviewer for The Gazette and a movie lover, cello player and happy retiree.