Letter to the Editor: Information on camera sought

Camera was left at site of funeral service; couple ask for help in getting it back.

Just over a month ago my father-in-law Garnett (Bill) Cave passed away in Greenwood. My husband and I attended the funeral on Sept. 7.

At the beginning of the service I set my camera down and when I stood up to follow my husband into the United Church, I forgot to pick it up.

The funeral director told me it had been found and that the person who found it was holding it for the Cave family; however, she wasn’t sure of the name and the name she gave us was unfamiliar to my mother-in-law.

My husband and I are both on disability and cannot afford to buy another camera. I am hoping that someone knows who found the camera and I can get it back.

As we are from the Okanagan I ask that your readers contact my mother-in-law Doreen Cave at 250-445-6102 or my sister-in-law Charlene at 250-445-2228 with any information regarding it.

Darlene (Dean) Cave, West Kelowna