LETTER: Council needs to enforce bylaw

Dave Milton argues that disregarding the bylaw has long-term consequences.

  • Jan. 20, 2017 7:00 a.m.

Open letter to City Council:

As F. Duralia’s muddled letter (“Deer were here before us” in the Gazette on Jan. 11), throws down the gauntlet. It is time Council took him at his word and applied the letter of the Bylaw Number 1967, which is specific about not feeding deer. Mr. Duralia states, “Neither shall I comply with nor abide by a dictated bylaw not to feed the deer.” Two sentences later he declares, “Just leave them alone.” something he is blatantly and foolishly not prepared to do.

Such disregard of the bylaw raises the question of how lax we are in applying the letters of the law. It is clear to law-abiding citizens that an orderly and well-run community requires a simple adherence to local bylaws; we understand why we need them and are compliant.

The attitude Mr. Duralia shows, on the other hand, typifies the segment of the community, much like garbage dumpers, noisy neighbours and speedsters who disregard the general safety and well-being of the community. This behaviour pits  neighbour against neighbour.

This attitude also presents, in the full light of day, blatant contempt for the individual obligation of citizenship, part of which, surely, is not to willfully entice wild animals into the dangers of semi-domesticated living.

If Mr. Duralia is really consequent about his ‘deer were here before us’ argument, he should also make the case for the Aboriginal peoples who were here long before this place was ‘discovered’ and join the movements that acknowledge this land of Canada – especially on its sesquicentennial – is going nowhere until it makes full reparation for stealing someone else’s property and exploiting it.

City Council: pick up Mr.Duralia’s gauntlet and slap him with it. You wrote the bylaw.

Dave Milton,

Grand Forks.