Habitat for Humanity awarded proceeds from Hardy View sale

B.C. Housing has awarded proceeds from last June’s sale of Hardy View Lodge to Habitat for Humanity (HFH) Boundary.

Rick Friesen

Rick Friesen

B.C. Housing has awarded proceeds from last June’s sale of Hardy View Lodge to Habitat for Humanity (HFH) Boundary.

Coun. Chris Moslin received an email stating the total funds $242,016 will go towards the construction of the seven-unit multiplex for handicapped men.

“It is big news for our small town,” Moslin wrote in an email. “But it also carries a big responsibility to turn those funds into a lasting legacy for housing in our community.”

Mayor Brian Taylor agreed. “It’s a good indication of support (from the government) about the serious housing problem we have in town.

“This is a unique project,” said the mayor. “Habitat’s never done anything like this in Canada and the project has certainly helped our community and helped a lot of great guys.”

Executive Director and Building Co-ordinator Rick Friesen for Habitat for Humanity Boundary stated upon receiving the funds, HFH Boundary will have enough money to complete the multiplex with its partners.

“In event that there are surplus funds left over on completion of the multiplex, those funds will provide a start on our next duplex project,” he said.

Friesen stated that proceeds from mortgage income of the homes constructed in the Boundary are put into a revolving construction fund.

“(This is) used exclusively for building homes,” he said. “We are approaching the time that we will have sufficient mortgage income to be able to construct at least one affordable home per year in our area.”

The sale of Hardy View Lodge by B.C. Housing occurred last June, and many residents were upset with the amount of funding and time that was spent on the project.

Hardy View Lodge was built through volunteer labour and on donated land, hence the suggestion the money through the sale be invested back into the community.

The Habitat for Humanity Boundary multiplex building on 72nd Avenue will be able to house separate quarters for adults with disabilities.

Friesen is thankful for the persistent efforts of Mayor Brian Taylor, Coun. Chris Moslin for acting as city liaison, and members of city council and staff.

The date has not yet been set for when the funds will be transferred to HFH Boundary.