Greenwood council candidates in the 2022 municipal election.

Greenwood mayoral and council candidates call on voters in 2022 election

General voting day in the upcoming civic election is Oct. 15, 2022.

We asked candidates to submit 300-word responses answering the question: Why residents should vote for you?

Here are their responses, in alphabetical order:

John Bolt – mayor candidate

My name is John Bolt. A lot of you know me as I’ve been a councillor for the city of Greenwood for the past 4 years. My wife, Marietta and I opened the Greenwood Buck and Up Variety Store in 2016, shortly after we moved here.

My current duties as councillor include serving as a director and chair of the West Boundary Community Forest and a director for the West Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital District.

I am running for mayor because I have concerns for the future of Greenwood. With a small tax base, we need to see projects completed with the least amount of impact on the taxpayers of our community, while respecting people’s needs and concerns. As a business owner for 28 years and a tax paying citizen, I am concerned about financial accountability and transparency. I believe that council must work together as a well informed team, to make decisions that are mindful of today’s financial constraints.

As mayor, I will work with council and the CAO to keep people informed on city business matters, publishing a regular newsletter that reports on projects underway, and being considered, what’s been accomplished, and what funds have been applied for.

I enjoy problem solving and look forward to working with council to find solutions to our challenges, such as roads, water, sewer, housing, support for seniors, recreation, and economic development in Greenwood.

I’ve consistently stood up for the people of Greenwood over the past 4 years on issues such as fair and equal taxes, bylaws, financial accountability and transparency.

I would welcome serving the people of Greenwood as Mayor of the smallest city in Canada.

John Bolt

Missing: Barry Noll – mayoral candidate

Carolina Hopkins

My name is Carolina Hopkins and I originally hail from the Yukon Territory where my dad owned and operated a trucking firm for many years.

My husband was born and raised in Haida Gwaii, and we have been happily married for 42 years. We purchased property in Greenwood in 2015 and have been working to have our home set up on site, so Housing is one of my priorities.

Among other issues such as supporting businesses and fostering a citizen friendly environment for folks to come together to resolve issues and problem solve together in order to make our community happier and healthier.

I am currently self-employed offering administrative support through my virtual assistant business. Previous to pursuing self-employment, I worked in the hydroelectric generation industry with Columbia Power Corporation and also with Aboriginal Employment and Trades and Apprenticeship.

I also have my basic notary training, legal training and experience in the area of real estate conveyancing, and I opened my first business in 1998 offering Research and Investigative Services. Notable achievements have been the Dave Barrett Commission on the Crisis of Quality in the Construction Industry, Aboriginal Capacity building and IHA Health Capacity Needs Assessment, 2003 which resulted in the creation of the current Aboriginal Patient Navigator employment position.

I have a strong environmental background with a solid understanding of land and water resource management issues. I am not only a very strong Advocate, I am also resourceful, creative and possess a strong and unshakeable belief that every life matters.

If a client comes to me with an idea that they are passionate about it, if the idea is good with the right intentions, and if there is a way within the rules and regulations, I will find it and find a way to help, and that is what I bring to this campaign – my experience and passion for my community.

Carolina Hopkins - council

Clint Huisman

Hello, my name is Clint. I’m running for a position to represent you on Greenwood’s City Council.

I bring 21 years of experience, half my life, from frontline and leadership roles at Canada’s second largest airline. I’m well experienced working with the public while representing and leading large groups of diverse individuals. My focus and passion continues to be increasing accountability, reducing waste, improving transparency, effective communication and growing engagement in dynamic and ever evolving environments.

In 2021 I purchased my home in Greenwood, started working with Alison Anderson’s Green Garden Goodies and local children with higher needs. You may find me at Boundary farmers markets, at Alison’s farm or enjoying our local forests on foot, bike or skis with my two dogs, Banjo and Roxie.

The longer I live in Greenwood, the deeper my love for this area grows. I only have 19 years left before I may be considered a local, a badge I’m happy to work towards with pride.

We are fortunate to be surrounded by growers, creators, fixers, makers and doers. I would like to foster this sustainable independence and decrease our cost of living with a strong network to learn from each other through workshops, events and building community engagement.

Being passionate of spending time outdoors, I’d work for local ownership over our environment. Let’s invest energy into our own parks, forests and watershed keeping them healthy and safe while making them more accessible to locals and visitors.

We have something special here in Greenwood and we need the right people in the right positions to ensure we continue to see progress and build on the momentum we see all around us.

Thank you for your consideration and hopefully your vote.

Clint Huisman - council

Gerry Shaw

Good day to all. Thank you to Grand Forks Gazette for allowing me to share some of my background. I, Gerry Shaw was raised in the beautiful boundary and have lived in the surrounding area for my entire life. My wife Christi, to whom I have been married for 28 years, and I raised our two children, Daina and Bailey here. We have owned and operated our business for more than 22 years in Greenwood. I have had the pleasure of sitting as a councillor for the City of Greenwood for a total of 7 years building relationships to gain increased support and awareness with municipal, provincial, and federal elected leaders. While on council I also was a Regional District Kootenay Boundary board of director for two of those years, informing our city of future plans and services that we may be in partnership with. Through my experience serving the community, I have learned how essential clear communication, respectful leadership, and diplomatic teamwork is.


Key points to keep in mind about me.

¨ Recognizes the value of Greenwood’s history while working towards growth and development within the community.

¨ Believes in collaborative decision making that includes council and members of the community to create positive change and to maintain relationships with all concerned citizens.

¨ Values openness, accountability, fiscal responsibility, and in protecting your tax dollars.

¨ Gerry is approachable, personable, caring and responsive.

I would be honoured to work for our city, our citizens, our future with a calm voice of reason, dedication, direction, and vision! Elect Gerry SHAW for Greenwood city councillor.

Gerry Shaw - council

Jessica McLean

My name is Jessica McLean. Many of you know me from my time as a cashier at Race Trac Gas/Canco, McMynns, or at Deadwood Junction.

Greenwood is my home. I’ve been a resident here for over 15 years and being a part of this community is special to me. I grew up here and have many fond memories. I love interacting with everyone in community and the way we come together to help one another is one of my favourite parts of being in Greenwood. My love for this area and the people here is the reason why my partner and I bought our first house and are raising our 2.5 year old daughter here.

Another reason I love Greenwood is our rich heritage. I remember learning about it as a child and I found it fascinating from the start. Learning about the mining history and the Japanese internment really had an impact on me. Our history is such an important part of our city and is something I cherish and want to share with others.

I would be an excellent addition to City Council for several reasons. I am a team player. I want to work for the betterment of the community and one of my strengths is that I can work with anyone and be a positive person at the table. I have tons ambition and ideas to help the community. I work part time while raising my daughter, so I have time available to work towards creating the best City Greenwood can be.

A vote for Jessica McLean would be a vote for Community:

– healthcare and emergency service options for seniors

– community groups and events for all ages

– finishing projects such as city park

– fiscal responsibility

– fix our roads

– fresh voice

Jessica McLean - council

Jim Nathorst

Hello, my name is Jim Nathorst. I am seeking re-election as councillor on October 15. I was elected in a by-election in 2016. My current duties on council include liaison of Greenwood fire department, liaison for Board of Trade. Pat portfolios included Interior Health board, Human Resources rep. I have been attending council meetings since 2006. Sine I am the only incumbent running as councillor, I feel it is very important to have someone with the experience that will allow mentoring and guidance to new councillors. Regardless of the outcome of the election, there will be 3 new councillors at the table. Say that, I would be honoured to be a part of that team.

Key projects I would like to work towards in the net 4 years are as follows:

– Complete the development of the campground

– Complete diking project

– Develop a long-range repaving program throughout our city

– Create a revitalization committee that will include councillors and business owners. The purpose of this committee is to come up with a comprehensive development plan for downtown


– Resident of Greenwood since 2006

– With my partner, owned the Copper Eagle and the Pacific Grill

– Board of Trade member since 2006 -served several years as president

– Sat as director on Community Futures

– 30 years employed with SD86 and SD62 in management roles

I am fully retired and have the time and the passion to do what I can to help move Greenwood forward.

I am honest and a team player. I would be honoured to be re-elected as your councillor on October 15th.

Jim Nathorst - council

Did not contribute:

Mike Goddard – council

Gary Steward – council

Doug Teramoto – council

Election 2022