Grand Forks native Desiree Mark hopes for second chance in 2013 MuchMusic VJ Search

Grand Forks native Desiree Mark has been voted off MuchMusic VJ Search 2013 but all is not lost.

Grand Forks native Desiree Mark was voted off the MuchMusic VJ Search reality show but has a chance to re-enter the competition.

Grand Forks native Desiree Mark was voted off the MuchMusic VJ Search reality show but has a chance to re-enter the competition.

Editor’s note: Now includes full story (only first half was originally published over the weekend).

Desiree Mark was voted off MuchMusic VJ (video jockey) Search 2013 recently but the Grand Forks native still has an opportunity to realize her dream of working for the music channel.

Mark said she’s known since March 30 that she was out of the reality show and while MuchMusic is being coy about the details, she could make a return.

“I’m not sure how far they’re going until it happens, but they’re actually bringing a contestant back, someone that’s been kicked off,” Mark explained. “They’re still releasing details even to us. I don’t know a whole lot about it yet but they announced it on air, the day before I got kicked off, that one of the contestants that has been eliminated will be brought back.”

Mark says she has been overwhelmed by the response ever since she was the fourth perspective VJ voted off.

“I’m having the most amazing response from Twitter followers, from complete strangers and I know that are already trying to bring me back, so that’s really good to hear,” she said.

Based on her resume, Mark seems to have the experience worthy of being a VJ – she has been into music media since age 13, when she started her own music media website ( and has experience doing interviews and concert photography but it was a comedy challenge that led to her exit from the show.

“The challenge that took me out was an improv challenge – a full-on comedy improv at a comedy theatre in Calgary, Alta.,” Mark said. “Some of those people that were on the challenge could go into comedy but this is a VJ search, not the Last Comic Standing. I consider myself a funny person but if you ask me to tell a joke, I will bomb it every time.”

However, it was a team challenge and while Mark was told that there were other contestants more worthy of being voted out, they had strong teams that helped carry them through.

Continuing to watch the show after her departure, Mark is confident she could have excelled in some of the later challenges and wishes the order played out a bit differently.

“I got a ton of positive feedback from producers,” said Mark. “The one head camera guy, who basically didn’t say a word to anybody, he came at the end, gave me a hug and was like, ‘Look, you’re really good at what you do. I really suggest following through with all of this because you’re quite a natural in front of the camera.’”

Mark said people can go to her VJ search profile page (, which has been reset and can vote on whether she was rightfully or wrongfully eliminated.

“The Facebook ‘Likes’ actually got reset so everyone that’s already done that can go back and do that again,” she said.

Again, information on how to vote Mark back into the show is sketchy but after people vote on her elimination, a message reminding people to “come back on April 19 to vote Desiree Mark back into the show” appears.