Grand Forks Gazette WEEKENDER for Feb. 2

In this edition of the WEEKENDER, Jim Holtz says to lay off Manti Te'o and a feature on two Grand Forks Border Bruins.

Welcome to the first Grand Forks Gazette WEEKENDER of February 2013.

University of Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o has been raked over the coals for a hoax involving a supposed girlfriend who died of cancer. Jim Holtz asks, why laugh at Te’o’s imagination when you can laugh at Conrad Black’s?

Also, there are Grand Forks Border Bruins and then there are Brandon Savaia and Tyler Van Camp. What makes them so special? Find out in the sports section.

As usual, there is also the weekly photo gallery.

If you have time, head to Christina Lake this weekend and enjoy Winterfest.

Have a good weekend.