Hello my name is Neil Krog and I am seeking a seat on council.

Neil Krog

Neil Krog

Hello my name is Neil Krog and I am seeking a seat on council.

My wife Andrea and I passed through Grand Forks on our honeymoon 23 years ago. We liked the community so much that we, along with our family, moved here.

I am a First Aid Safety Instructor for Selkirk College, I also own Twisted Forks Catering.

I have previously served on city council for 12 years and was a director for the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary.

This experience allowed me the ability to see the opportunities that we have to work together. It is imperative that our council work together and focus on their mandate, not personal agendas, personalities, or special interest groups.

I would see my role on council as that of a stabilizer, using my experience to help keep council grounded and on track. Not off re-inventing the wheel or wasting time in non-productive activities.

Grand Forks needs to work toward self-sustainability. There has been a lot of talk about attracting green industries to our valley but the reality is they are few and far between. We need to market our city.

The B.C. economy runs on small business; we need to attract more of these. As important is the need to focus on growing our existing businesses. Economically we are at a crossroads.

A vision of what this community can become is essential to achieving a healthy and sustainable economy that supports the people that live here. To achieve this, we must incorporate the strengths and talents of our business people, seniors, artists and young people.

It is essential that we have an excellent working relationship with Areas C and D. It is important to remember that Grand Forks is not a walled city; we are part of a community.