Grand Forks Community Trails Society gets $56K grant, will use on engineering for trail project

The Grand Forks Community Trails Society received $56,000 which it will use on work for the trail from Grand Forks to Christina Lake.

The TransCanada Trail Association has awarded the Grand Forks Community Trails Society $56,000 to put toward work on the trail from Grand Forks to Christina Lake.

In a presentation to city council on Feb. 4, society treasurer Mary Ann Westaway said that the money was earmarked for the engineering work that would be required in preparation for paving the 17.5 km. trail.

“The plan is for the trail to be three metres wide, though that will depend on the engineering report,” Westaway told the Gazette.

She added that the Grand Forks Community Trails Society hopes to have Phase 1, beginning at 68th Avenue and continuing up until Nursery Trestle, complete by summer.

The remaining Phase 2, from Nursery Trestle up through east end of Gilpin Grasslands Provincial Park and Phase 3 from the provincial park to Cascade Gorge Trestle, will be completed once additional funding can be arranged.

Westaway said, “We’re soliciting someone to do an environmental assessment of the trail as well.”

When asked about the city’s involvement in the trail, Grand Forks Mayor Brian Taylor said, “I think what we are going to see next is that (the community trails society) will be asking the city to consider paving up to the new landing and parking lot at Roxul, which is basically the city limit. I think there will be a strong lobby to have the city pave that section as a demonstration, to show how effective it is to link our existing paved trails to that kick-off area (of the Trans Canada Trail).”

When finished, this portion of the TransCanada Trail will allow pedestrian, equestrian, and bicycle travel. Those with disabilities who require electric scooters will also be accommodated, Westaway said.