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Grand Forks city council unanimously approves the purchase of a new fire engine

The fire engine will cost approximately $1.3 million
The bulk of payments for the city’s new fire engine will come in 2024.

Grand Forks city council voted unanimously to purchase a new fire engine.

The purchase price for the vehicle will be approximately $1.3 million based on quotes that the city received.

The majority of the funding for the fire engine will be needed in 2024. As such, there is little impact expected for this year’s operating budget.

The overall cost of purchasing the vehicle has been included in the 2023-2027 financial plan.

On Feb. 16th, city council hosted a budget workshop which included a presentation. At the workshop, councillors presented the need for a new fire engine.

The city’s corporate services department recommended that the purchase be authorized quickly as the delivery time for the vehicle is between 18 and 24 months.

The city further supported the decision by noting the potential impact that not purchasing a new engine could have.

“If the city does not commit to purchasing a new engine our community fire rating will eventually be downgraded, resulting in a significant impact to community fire insurance rates,” a memo from the city’s corporate services department read.

Although a deposit on the vehicle is not expected until next year, if a payment is required sooner, it will come from this year’s reserve budget.