Grand Forks city council meeting agenda items for Sept. 4

Due to Labour Day, Grand Forks city council's next meeting is on Tuesday, Sept. 4. Here are some issues that will be discussed.

Due to Labour Day long weekend

Due to Labour Day long weekend

Due to Labour Day, Grand Forks city council’s next meeting is on Tuesday, Sept. 4 at 7 p.m. in council chambers.

A time capsule will be opened prior to the meeting.

Amongst the items on the agenda:

Council will receive a presentation from Michael Trickey of Strategic Infrastructure Management Inc. regarding the city’s road conditions assessment.

Council will discuss School District 51’s intention to apply for the School Community Connections Funds for upgrading the existing storage shed on the grounds of Perley Elementary School.

With current city Chief Financial Officer Cecile Arnott’s resignation, council will assign Roxane Shepherd (BBA, CGA and Deputy Finance Officer) with the responsibility for financial administration for the city effective Sept. 17.

A request from the Slavonic Senior Society BR #143 for gas tax funding to replace heating and cooling systems will be received.

In addition, bylaws related to sustainable community plan designation, zoning, garbage collection regulation and municipal campground charges are expected to receive final reading (in some cases third reading as well) while the 2013 Annual Tax Exemption bylaw (1941) is expected to receive first, second and third readings.

A full copy of the Sept. 4 meeting minutes can be found here.