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Grand Forks city council makes liquor licence amendment for two establishments

Grand Forks Station Pub and Beer Co. will soon be allowed to serve alcohol past midnight

Grand Forks city council discussed an amendment to liquor licenses for the Grand Forks Station Pub and Grand Forks Beer Co.

This decision was made in a meeting on June 11, after a public feedback session.

The amendment allows these two establishments to serve alcohol until 1 a.m. Previously, both establishments were only allowed to serve liquor until midnight.

Before the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch (LCRB) can decide whether to issue the license, city council must gather input from the community. A public feedback session was held on July 11 for the community to share their thoughts.

There was no feedback at the session.

In the regular council meeting, a motion was also passed for structural changes to an approved lounge at the Grand Forks Beer Co. This would allow them to increase their service capacity.

Council voted to pass their decision on this matter to the LCRB to extend liquor licenses at these locations.

“Hopefully that will improve some of the late-night activities in our downtown,” said Mayor Brian Taylor.

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