Gallery 2 will undergo restorations throughout the summer. (Tina Bryan/Contributed)

Gallery 2 will undergo restorations throughout the summer. (Tina Bryan/Contributed)

Grand Forks art gallery undergoes summer restorations

The historical building will receive exterior window and masonry restoration

Gallery 2 – Grand Forks Art Gallery – is undergoing restoration and repairs this summer.

Scaffolding has been set up around the exterior of the building. The repairs include exterior window restoration, as well as masonry cleaning and conservation.

Director and Curator Tim van Wijk said the gallery received $260,000 from the province for the window restorations, as well as $60,000 from the City of Grand Forks through the same program.

The Gallery 2 building was constructed in 1911, making it one of two listed historical buildings in Grand Forks.

According to van Wijk, the windows were last repaired in 1982.

“This is kind of a once-in-a-generation restoration project.”

The restorations are preventative, meaning that if they were not done now, the building would face more serious issues down the road.

“It’s part of our cultural legacy, is taking care of buildings like this, so that they can be enjoyed by generations to come.” van Wijk said.

The gallery is working with local trades groups on the restoration, in an effort to provide experience working on heritage buildings within the community.

Scaffolding began to go up on April 28, and the repairs are set to continue through to the end of September, although planning has been in the works for over a year.

“The main message is we are open throughout the summer. Come to the art gallery.” van Wijk said.

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