Fire destroyed a home on West Arm Road in Pass Creek on Jan 7. Photo: Holly Strilaeff

Fire destroyed a home on West Arm Road in Pass Creek on Jan 7. Photo: Holly Strilaeff

Fire destroys Pass Creek home

The Friday afternoon fire spread quickly

Fire completely destroyed a home in Pass Creek on Friday afternoon.

The fire started around 12:30 p.m. on Jan. 7 at the two-story residence on West Arm Road off of Soukoroff Road.

Pass Creek Fire Chief Aaron Bebelman said that by the time fire crews arrived heavy smoke was visible from all of the eves and flames were visible from one side of the house. By the time crews set up lines to fight the fire, flames were coming out of the windows and roof.

Not only did the firefighters have to battle the fire, they had to trudge through two to three feet of snow on the ground to reach the house and the firetrucks had to drive through narrow rural roads covered in snow to reach the property.

All occupants of the house escaped the fire unharmed.

Bebelman says the fire started because a space heater was plugged into an extension cord causing a wire to overload and melt.

At the time, the occupant was outdoors shovelling snow. By the time he noticed the fire, it had already spread to the point that the house was inaccessible.

Bebelman says that house fires can spread incredibly fast considering all of the plastics and other flammable materials that are inside today’s homes.

The fire chief has some recommendations and reminders to share after the fire: never plug heaters into extension cords and always ensure that you plow your driveways wide enough for fire trucks to get through.

The Pass Creek Fire Department sent two apparatus to the fire and they were assisted by two apparatus from Robson Volunteer Fire Department, two more from Crescent Valley Fire Department and a Regional District of Central Kootenay fire chief, for a total of 21 firefighters.

Bebelman said he is thankful for the great work done by all the firefighters and the support from the other departments.

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