Digital switch causes problems for local residents

Shaw Cable's digital network upgrade left a number of Grand Forks residents without cable or internet access recently.

The digital switch over that occurred last week left many residents in Grand Forks frustrated.

On Wednesday, Sept. 7, some in the city found themselves without access to the Internet or their television programs.

Shaw Cable called in extra technicians to Grand Forks from out of town to account for the problems.

Kiffer Walker, Shaw Cable’s supervisor of technical operations, said he couldn’t comment on the technical difficulties and referred us to his regional manager, who hadn’t responded to The Gazette as of press time.

The switch had been advertised for some time and Shaw had been offering a free digital box to residents in order to prepare for the change.

Walker said that Shaw had been doing a digital network upgrade.

“Basically, we’re reclaiming our analog services in order to offer higher speed Internet packages, broadband internet packages, more high definition channels, a 100 per cent digital lineup, as well as services like video on demand (VOD) and in the future, phone services,” he said.

Shaw didn’t have numbers for those affected in Grand Forks readily available.