Cusack receives jail time

Christopher Cusack receives time in relation to the Grand Forks and Winnipeg Hotel fires in 2012.

Christopher Cusack, the man who set fire to both the Winnipeg and Grand Forks Hotels in 2012, has received just over four years (less credit for 15 months served) jail time on the second count.

Sentencing took place on Friday, Oct. 17 at Rossland Supreme Court by Judge Fabbro.

In May of this year, Cusack pled guilty to two counts of arson in relation to an inhabited property.

Cusack received three years for the first count and 18 months for the second count, to be served concurrently.

The fires, which were set on March 7, 2012, caused $1 million damage to the Grand Forks Hotel and $10,000 damage to the Winnipeg Hotel. The 100-year-old Grand Forks Hotel was destroyed, while firefighters managed to save the Winnipeg Hotel. It was, however, eventually torn down.

Cusack was also given a 10-year mandatory firearm prohibition.

According to Rossland Court Services, Cusack was given a psychiatric evaluation earlier but was found fit for trial.