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Coloured crosswalk lights up the street

Two rainbow crosswalks were painted near city hall over the weekend.
Mayor Frank Konrad

Members of Grand Forks City Council – Mayor Konrad and Councillors Colleen Ross, Chris Hammett and Christine Thompson – put their best feet forward to cross one of two new rainbow crosswalks by City Hall—and while it certainly doesn’t compare to the iconic photo of the Beatles walking across the sidewalk in front of Abbey Road Studios, it’s just as legendary a sight for Grand Forks. The rainbow has long been considered the symbol of gay pride, and flags and crosswalks bearing brilliant colours are popping up all over the world to ensure the safety, acceptance, inclusion and dignity of the LGBTQ community.

Della Mallette

About the Author: Della Mallette

A long-time resident of Grand Forks. After graduating from high school, I left the Sunshine Valley for Langara College in Vancouver, but big city life didn't suit me.
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