Cars line Market Avenue in Grand Forks. (Audrey Gunn/Grand Forks Gazette)

Car show attracts a crowd in downtown Grand Forks

The event featured cars from across the province

The Grand Forks Car Show had a great turnout on Saturday, July 9.

The car show was a popular event, especially after two years of the COVID-19 pandemic. The last car show was held in 2019. Everyone was excited to see the car show return to the community.

The show was hosted by Integra Tire and took place in downtown Grand Forks, on Market Avenue and surrounding streets.

Peter Novokshonoff, president of the Grand Forks Car Show society, said that the show was hosted downtown rather than at City Park to better support community businesses.

“We wanted to move to somewhere where we could get a little more involvement from the downtown businesses, and really bring that into the downtown core.”

People lined the streets of downtown from 10a.m. to 3p.m. Ice cream and donut vendors set up along Market Ave, providing refreshments for attendees.

Local musical artists performed at the event, including local band Zero to One, the main act.

There was a wide variety of cars at the event, from 1920s classics to a 2022 Camaro. Novokshonoff said that people from as far as the Lower Mainland and the Okanagan came to Grand Forks to feature their vehicles at the car show, making it a provincial event.

Novokshonoff said the event was a huge success, with 109 cars featured. He thanked the volunteers and sponsors for the effort they put into making the car show happen.

He said that the car show is a free, fun event that brings the Grand Forks community together.

“It’s a nice easy low cost event that people can come out and enjoy the downtown and enjoy the cars without breaking the bank.”

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