Candidate: Roly Russell, Area D

Roly Russell is running for Area D candidate in the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary.

Area D Candidate Roly Russell

Area D Candidate Roly Russell

Good political decision-making requires recognizing connections.  Most importantly, recognizing connections between financial prosperity, social well-being, and ecological integrity.  Secondly, recognizing repeated connections between thinking, conversing, and doing.  We should expect this recognition.

Industry that works to minimize environmental impacts helps create long-term employment and roots a strong society: valuing this requires recognizing connections.  Likewise, small (tiny, even!) businesses are vital to our financial economy (difficult to count, dangerous to underestimate), and contribute positively to our social and ecological context because their owners and decision-makers live here.  We need a proactive government nurturing these entrepreneurial enterprises that connect and build sustainable benefits for our livelihoods, pocketbooks, and happiness.

We need a community centre in this community.  This requires a clear vision of complex connections between  thinking (learning what we need), conversing (what do we want?) and doing (let’s not let historical frustration hobble our progress any longer).  Local government that facilitates only two of these isn’t adequate.  Rather than increase taxes, let’s rally some champions, secure serious grants, leverage partnerships, and build ourselves a spectacular community centre that highlights potential agricultural crops, provides a commercial community kitchen, educates our children, and celebrates our place and potential!

Born in Grand Forks, I grew up in this community.  My wife, Christine Carlson, and I returned to raise a family (and try to farm!) because we love this place.  Irene appointed me as her alternate in 2011.  For nearly the last two years, while waiting for Irene’s return, I tried to parent and simultaneously operate at 200% capacity to work and serve our community.  During this fully responsible (and insecure) period, I saw the potential of planning for and doing real good in our community.  Please let me serve you with certainty and planned investment.  Think about voting, talk about voting, and go vote.