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Everett Baker named next mayor of Grand Forks

Everett Baker will be the next mayor in Grand Forks.

Everett Baker will be the next mayor in Grand Forks.

The former councillor won with 49 per cent of votes on Saturday (Oct. 15), ousting Danna R O’Donnell, Alec Brownlee and Stan Sharkey.

He will be replacing outgoing mayor Brian Taylor, who chose not to seek re-election.

Of the 3,400 eligible voters in Grand Forks, 1,269 ballots were cast.

“I was humbled and extremely grateful last night for the vote of confidence and the trust that the community has put before me,” Baker told the Grand Forks Gazette.

“My work over the last two years as a counselor and before that in the community, I think, spoke very clearly to my abilities; my work here in the community with BC housing and David Eby, my work with the seniors, my thoughts around housing, I think it touched a string,” he said.

Baker will be taking the head chair on council, joined by three other incumbents: Zach Eburne-Stoodley, Neil Krog and Christine Thompson, as well as three newcomers Rod Zielinski, David Mark and Deborah Lafleur.

In his new role, Baker says one of his first orders of business will be to meet with Duncan Redfearn, the chief administrative officer for Grand Forks, and move the mayor’s office back into city hall.

“That’s important to have that connectability with the community,” Baker said.

In statements to the Grand Forks Gazette, Brownlee and Sharkey thanked their supporters, extending congratulations to Baker and those elected.

“I would like to thank all who voted for a relative newcomer and a special thanks to my campaign manager Alf Enns and my new friends at Morning Coffee. I look forward to meeting more people and attending council meetings in the gallery in the future,” said Brownlee.

“Most importantly, I want to thank everyone who came out and voted in this democratic process and wish city council the best in future decisions. Grand Forks, I love you all and look forward to seeing you in the future,” Sharkey stated.

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Elected to Grand Forks City Council were:

• Zak Eburne-Stoodley, with 808 votes (63.67%)

• Rod Zielinski, with 780 votes (61.4%)

• Neil Korg, with 736 votes (58%)

• David Mark, with 646 votes ((50.91%)

• Deborah LaFleur, with 591 votes (46.57%)

• Christine Thompson, with 574 votes (45.23%)

In Greenwood, John Bolt was elected mayor, defeating incumbent Barry Noll 194 votes to 157, following the wave of change that saw new mayors and councillors elected in communities all across the province on Saturday.

As for Greenwood City Council, McLean, Jessica McLean (273 votes), Jim Nathorst (224), Gerry Shaw (214) and Clint Huisman (210) were elected

In the Village of Midway, Douglas McMynn was elected mayor over Martin Fromme, with 237 votes to 86.

Aaron Pownall (259 votes), Darrin Metcalf (238), Judy Willsey (231) and Richard Dunsdon (229) were elected to Midway Council.