Boundary Historical Society seeking fresh blood

The Boundary Historical Society may be history itself if no candidates appear before the next annual general meeting (AGM) meeting.

The Boundary Historical Society may be history itself if no candidates appear before the next annual general meeting (AGM) meeting.

President Della Mallette explained that duties of the Boundary Historical Society (BHS) include creating historical reports around the Boundary, publishing books, being caretakers for the Phoenix Cemetery and organizing three social events, such as a summer picnic, the AGM and an anniversary luncheon in January.

“Every five to six years we periodically publish full books,” said Mallette. “This year we’re working on collecting post cards from around the Boundary to put into a collective book.”

Secretary Deb Billwiller said the society is looking for a president and a secretary, though two people have come forward stating they were interested in running for the board.

“Part of the problem is that as a ‘historical society’ membership is elderly,” said Billwiller. “The average age at the AGM is probably 70 and they’ve done their time in volunteerism.”

“It isn’t just getting people to run for the board but to get younger members, the next generation. There are certainly people interested in history and the museum is managing to pull them in but there isn’t the hands-on work that there is with the museum,” stated Billwiller.

“That doesn’t work in our favour in terms of pulling in the younger people, because they actually want to do something.

“What we’re missing most on our board right now is enthusiasm and I really think that it’s going to be paramount to be able to survive as a society.”

The board has tried several ideas, including an antique appraisals event that was held a few years ago to some success. Unfortunately, there was less interest the second year.

Billwiller pointed out, “New blood, young blood has an open playing field for what they would like to see. The possibilities are endless.”

“I would absolutely hate to see us fold,” said Billwiller. “This is a great community for volunteerism but at a board level, it’s the same people.”

Billwiller went on to say that while there is a large group of people who volunteer, most are not willing to organize or take leadership roles.

“I think if people gave it a chance, the opportunities for personal growth are incredible,” said Billwiller of joining a group or organization.

“The opportunities for getting to know people you might not know otherwise. For anyone who wants to give back at all, you get as much as you give. The more you give, the more you get back in growth and friendships and personal feelings.”

Last January marked the 60th anniversary of the society.

For more information, contact Della Mallette at 250-442-8175.