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Letter: Why is Whispers being blamed?

A Whispers of Hope volunteer weighs in.

Editor, the Gazette:

I have been volunteering at Whispers of Hope since they moved into the present building. So I was really upset and puzzled when the facility was being blamed for the homeless and the mentally ill people in Grand Forks and told to shut down immediately by the mayor, Mr. Konrad.

Now I read in the Gazette the stunning and unbelievable statement by the mayor that Whispers and BETHs are causing people to move from Grand Forks and tourists say they are never coming back.

What is going on? What is causing this animosity toward the good work being done by Whispers and BETHs? The location is already out of the way. It can’t be much further for the people who need the help.

Surely some good deeds should go unpunished!

Jean Brunner

Grand Forks