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PHOTOS: Ducknana diehards descend on B.C. park

Internet meme spills into the real world, with people sculpting fruity statues

Culture has thrown together a number of iconic combinations throughout the years. Peanut butter and jelly. Bert and Ernie. Lennon and McCartney. Duck and bananas.

Put them together and what do you get? Ducknana. The internet meme which circulated on websites like Reddit combines fruit and fowl into whimsical duck-shaped banana statues.

Online a passionate fan base for these statues has formed and now that’s started to spill into the real world. Victoria resident Geoff de Ruiter hosted a Ducknana meet-and-greet Sunday (July 24) in Beacon Hill Park to bring together fans of the statues, or those looking for a banana – 50 pounds of fruit was purchased for the event and handed out free.

“I think the appeal of Duckana is it’s cute and absurd. It shouldn’t exist, but it pairs very well together, like milk and quackers. And to be honest, if they hadn’t been discounted by 60 per cent it would have been a very hefty bill, and I don’t think it all would have taken off,” de Ruiter said.

Absurd though it may be, the event drew 40 ducknana diehards, he said, adding the event was a good opportunity to have some fun outside.

“There has and still are very serious global issues going on right now. I think Duckana has just brought us some levity and some ridiculously silly fun. Things like this bring people together and make a great community.

“I’m just super glad we didn’t have any foul weather.”

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