Have a voice? Come sing at workshop on May 4

Have Voice Will Sing introductory workshop at Studio A is Wednesday May 4 between 6 and 7 p.m.

The only requirement to participate is a desire to sing and is suited to the student who wants to learn the elementary rudiments of vocal techniques.

This workshop outlines HVWS Beginner course that is scheduled in the fall for eight sessions.

In the introductory class, the student looks only in part at what the course offers and we start with sampling the foundation of breathing, where the student will be required to bring a blanket or a mat because some breathing exercises will be practiced on the floor.

The student learns where the diaphragm is and how to exercise breath control using it. This technique is also put into practice standing up to sing.

Understanding the importance of developing a warm-up routine, stretching, yawning and breathing before singing and then participating in activities using improvisational techniques is part of the focus.

Using children’s nursery rhymes sung with accents and stylizations will contribute to the students beginning to develop confidence in creative singing, defining individual tone, flexing the singing muscles and exploring tone development.

There is a little stomping around the classroom with drum sticks, beating out timing, rhythm and phrasing patterns.

Time signatures will be explored and sampled and then traveled out with action. This will be a noisy blast!  Note that comfortable shoes or runners are highly recommended.

The focus for instruction with the classical scale techniques will be on the “Yee Yah” and “Harmony” scales with shaping your vowels.

The “Yee Yah’s” are designed to work the elasticity of the jaw. The student will learn about body balance and the part that plays in choreography in good performance techniques.

Students will bring all the techniques together and work their voice with performance improvisational techniques.  The instructor works the students, within the group, encouraging them to zero in on forming clear vowel sounds.

Instruction will be skillfully applied to inspire each participant to sing out with passion and be their personal best. The surprise ending performance will be a wonderful way to wrap up the class.  Please bring all of your enthusiasm, a bottle of water and let’s sing!