Festival fuses fibre in Grand Forks

The upcoming Fibre Fusion at the Forks will be showcasing various forms of fibre arts and runs Aug. 11 to 13.

The upcoming Fibre Fusion at the Forks will be showcasing various forms of fibre arts.

The festival will be hosting workshops from some of the famous names in the fibre world, like quilter Gail Hunt.

Lynn Relph, chair of the Boundary Fibre Festival Society, said that the idea for the event came about quite naturally.

“We’re all fibre artists of one type or another and we’ve all been to fibre festivals in the Lower Mainland and Washington State, so we thought there are a lot of people around here that are into fibre art, so why don’t we do one here?” Relph said.

“We’re trying to cover everything that we can think of in fibre arts.”

The event will feature spinning, weaving, quilting, braiding, basketry, wood carving and many other types of ways to work with fibre.

“We’ve got quite a variety (of workshops),” she said. “We wanted to create workshops that appealed to beginners, people who’ve never done it before, as well as more advanced courses for, say, some of the quilters who have been quilting for a number of years but want to learn something new.”

Instructors are coming from B.C., Alberta and the northwestern U.S. to put on the workshops and booths for vendors will set up in the Gospel Chapel gymnasium.

“That will be open to the general public,” she said. “There will be all kinds of stuff there, people will have raw fleeces, there’s going to be a lady from the quilting shop, so she’ll have lots of stuff for quilters. There will be a variety of things that will appeal to people.”

Some of the vendors will also be doing demonstrations.

“We’re really hoping that this will become an annual event,” she said, adding that support from the community and sponsors has been wonderful.

To register for workshops at the event, you can download a form at www.fibrefusionattheforks.com or call 250-442-2575.

The festival will be on from Aug. 11 to 13 at the Gospel Chapel, 7048 Donaldson Drive.