CRAFTY CORNER: Don’t table it; it’s in the bag

Crafting a bag from a table cloth instead of throwing it away

A handy new grocery bag created out of a reused table cloth.

A handy new grocery bag created out of a reused table cloth.

Fall is here and other than a few sprinkles, it has been nice so far but it has certainly cooled off.

The sun is coming up later and setting earlier and I’m thinking picnic time is over, although with Thanksgiving recently, it was still nice and we had an outdoor dinner.

Lots of friends and family came over to share some good food and good memories.

This will likely be the last time that I use my plastic flannel back summer tablecloth this year. I could put it away for next summer but what is the fun in using the same one over again? I know you are saying, “What is she thinking?”

I agree, it is still in good shape and could be used again but I wondered how many things that I could use it for besides a tablecloth.

Tablecloths can be used to cover your windshield when it starts getting frosty; no scraping.

A friend was looking around a second-hand shop and found me a new one for a dollar. I like my table covers printed and this one is a solid light tan, so I know I would not likely be using it for the table. I thought it might be fun and handy to make a shopping bag and it would be moisture proof.

There are times when I pick up milk or frozen things and my cloth bags get wet and have to be washed – these can just be wiped dry.

I sewed a basic carry bag, handles and a boxed bottom, double-sided so that the plastic side is on the inside and outside. As I am a bit of a stamper, I decided to plunk a few mini flowers here and there on it. Your name could be written on with permanent pen or you can make polka dots with a jumbo felt pen. It does need to be permanent ink though. I think I may write a saying on mine, just not sure yet what I want to write.

Another thing I thought of was that the cover over our free-standing swing was getting ragged from age and it is sun-bleached. I could have used it to make a new cover. Nothing fancy just cut the tablecloth four inches bigger on all sides than the frame, make a casing and run some elastic through it and slip it over the frame. Bingo, new cover.

If you need to cover the seat as well, maybe consider buying two of the same when they are on sale at the end of summer.

I wonder what else I could do with one. Any ideas?

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-Darlainea Redlack is circulation co-ordinator for the Grand Forks Gazette