Choral Society shares the love

The Grand Forks Choral Society presented "All you need is love" last April 28 and 29.

The Intunistics: (L-R) Nancy Gillmor

The Intunistics: (L-R) Nancy Gillmor

The Grand Forks Choral Society presented “All you need is love” to a full house at the Grand Forks Secondary School auditorium on April 28 and 29.

With special guests the Intunistics and Sopranos & Co., music selected revolved around the theme of love, with songs from Les Miserables and My Fair Lady.

With a wisp of nostalgia, the Grand Forks Choral Society sang a medley of songs from My Fair Lady.

Soloists Tony Hewitt, Diane Korol, Beverly Osachoff, Tim Martins, Garry Peters and Eleanore Martens highlighted the rose-tinted songs with their voices, as the choral society provided ample harmony.

Siyahamba, an African song, blended the voices of the experienced members of the choral society and youthful exuberance of the Sopranos & Co.

This was the final performance of Sopranos & Co.

Featuring a more somber tone, yet equally hopeful and optimistic, the Les Miserables medley showcased the talented voices of many youth in a small community.

From I Dreamed a Dream to Bring him home, the Sopranos & Co. were brilliant.

Soloists Kyra Hogan, Nathan Vogel, Nicole del Aguila, Joy Hummel, Cecilie Regenberg, Kira Gammie, Briana Burch, Rosalie Spencer-Rollier, Clarissa Palek, Dylan Hines, Carter Notheisz and Adrian Palek reflected the voices of the original play and certainly put goosebumps on several arms.

Gary Smith was also on hand to serenade Bart Howard’s Fly me to the moon, with instrumental from musical director Joan Thompson on the piano, Curt Garrison on the bass, Joe Northcott on the drums and Elizabeth Clark on the flute.

“I was really, really pleased and I’m not always that way at the end of concert with little glitches,” said Thompson. “It was amazing.”

The final performance of the Grand Forks Choral Society with Thompson will be the fall production because she plans to retire.