VIEW FROM THE PULPIT SEPT. 4 – Rules to live by: keeping it simple

Throughout the summer visitors have been coming to HÜMÜH Monastery and Life Science Centre in Westbridge to hear teachings.

Throughout the summer visitors have been coming to HÜMÜH Monastery and Life Science Centre in Westbridge to hear teachings given by the wisdom master, Maticintin.In several recent teachings, the Maticintin has been discussing with us how to ‘keep life simple.’She says when we hear such plain and ordinary words we think that, because we know the words, we know what they mean.But ‘keeping life simple’ is something we really don’t understand. Otherwise, our lives would not be filled with problems and difficulties—and there would be no global conflict and wars—if we really understood how to ‘keep life simple.’The wisdom master encourages us to make a new kind of conscious choice in our daily lives.“You want to seek out the simple in life….You dwell too much on things, and worry about things, and everything gets compounded!” (excerpt from a recent teaching).So while we may live in a log cabin by a quiet stream, or a ranch house with a great view high on a wooded hill, as long as we are mulling things over in our minds, picturing and worrying about what we consider to be ‘our problems,’ then we are actually making our lives more complicated.We might think we are helping others by coming up with ideas that will solve their problems, but when we insist that things be done the way we think they should be done, then we are making difficulties for others. We aren’t keeping life simple.To seek out the simple in life means that we decide to stop continually talking to ourselves in our own minds about all the things that concern or upset us.This pause in the ongoing inner debate then begins to free the mind from the suffocating clutter of unwanted images and difficult emotions that ceaselessly feed the outer complications.Life starts to become more simple, spacious, and quiet. Problems naturally diminish because we no longer magnify their importance.Not engaged in potential conflicts find easier resolution, rather than escalating into long-term struggles and wars.We begin to more easily see the actions, or non-actions, that allow things to work out in ways that suit everyone, including us, because we are no longer so concerned about controlling others or how others feel about us.Such a simple life is appealing, and it certainly would be a gift to have more freedom from difficulties and upsets. In fact, it would be quite different from how we are used to living.If you are intrigued to learn more about how to live in this way, you are welcome to join us for teachings, which are given daily at 11:45 a.m. at HÜMÜH Monastery.Retreat or lunch reservations may be requested by email at or by calling 1-800-336-6015.The HÜMÜH Monastery is open to visitors daily 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.Visitors are invited to attend the teaching at 11:45 a.m. and to take a self-guided tour of the monastery grounds, including the Forest Temple of Enlightenment, the Golden Healing Stupa* and the Red-Rock Stupas, Amitabha Vista, and the River Walk, as well as to make use of spiritual training tools, such as the Edge Walk, the Labyrinth, the Karma Shedding Pit, and the Whirling Circle.*A Stupa is a sacred monument that houses the ancient spiritual teachings which are at the heart of all spirituality.

From the HÜMÜH Skycliffe Monastery/Life Science Centre

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